Seed Amount: $50, 000

This capital comes from the project owner to push forward the execution

Milestones Due Reward
1. Show your milestones or dates that are important to project stakeholders January 20th, 2017 $1500
2. Back these deadlines up with actual data March 15th, 2017 $2000
3. Promote your project through social media and marketing April 30th, 2017 $3000


A Statement of Work Outline

Regardless of the type of project or vertical, a statement of work document will include similar information. Here’s a closer look at some of the typical elements of a SOW outline:

Objectives – This introductory section may include general background information about the project and describe why the project is being undertaken. This provides a high-level picture of the project’s objectives.

Scope of Work – The scope of work defines what work is to be done and how, and may include work requirements, deliverables, and assumptions. It will include specific tasks, detailed information about what deliverables are expected, and any assumptions related to the project’s scope. It’s important to provide sufficient detail and to communicate assumptions to help ensure mutual understanding between a customer and service provider.

Period of Performance – This section can specify the start and end dates for a project, allowable billing hours on a weekly or monthly basis, and any other information pertinent to time.

Place of Performance – This information can be included if there are certain requirements related to the work location or equipment that is to be used.

Deliverables Schedule – A detailed schedule and milestones for deliverables, either in table or list format, that provides an overview of tasks and deadlines.

Pricing – This section will cover expenses and payment terms, including a schedule of how and when payments will be made. A statement of work is not a negotiation tool but rather a place to document terms that have already been agreed upon.

Acceptance – There may be a section describing the acceptance criteria for deliverables – how acceptability will be measured and by whom. A statement of work also includes a section for signatures from all relevant parties, such as the customer and the contractor or agency providing the work. This section signifies that the SOW has been agreed upon before moving forward with the work.

Seed Amount: $50, 000

This capital comes from the project owner to push forward the execution.


Current Voting Results





Company X 5,000,000 50 2,000,000
Company Y 6,000,000 75 2,000,000
Consultant 3,000,000 35 1,000,000
Company Z 1,000,000 10 100,000
Company Y 10,000,000 10 7,000,000
Company U 8,000,000 30 4,000,000

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